Free MP3’s!

It took us a while, but it’s finally up and running! You can now download our MP3’s for free. Click on the Downloads tab and you’ll be able to download any song we’ve put on YouTube. It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting us! We appreciate the subscribers, comments, and now all the thumbs up!


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3 Responses to Free MP3’s!

  1. jordan lowery says:

    i saw the youtube video with you all sing baby, enie meanie and one time i thought it was really cool |) hope you all can make another one youre really great singers.

  2. Ziortza says:

    I’ve been watching your videos ever since Shay made a shout out. I just wanted to tell you all that I love watching your videos. They are great. :) Hope there is more to come. One more thing before I go. Is there any way that “bulletproof” could be put onto itunes. I love the song and it hits close to home. I just wish I could hear it all the time and not just in front of the computer.

  3. Rachel M. says:

    Hey guys!!
    I’m a big fan of you and all of your music so thanks so much for the free downloads! One of my favorites is “Beautiful Disaster” – Chris, I <3 your voice!!!!- I love "Ave Maria," "Billionaire" and "One Day." Thanks for sharing!

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