Hey, Soul Sister / Drops of Jupiter


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  1. Nick says:

    Hi everyone I’m Nick from Newport Beach CA. Shaycarl mentioned you guys on his youtube channel. He raved about your videos so I had to come and take a look. And I just have to say that all of you are amazingly talented and have amazing voices. I suscribed and got 12 other people to do the same. Keep making videos and keep sharing your talents. And God bless all of you:)

  2. WR James says:

    I am another of the ShayTard fans. I can see what he saw in your family. You are wonderful singers. It’s also wonderful to see a group of siblings who remain close in these times. Makes me wish I had a lot of brothers and sisters.

    Blessed Be

  3. Traceylin says:

    I too belong to the Shaytard nation! LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!! Has anyone suggested you make another channel showing more of the family interactions? I loved your snow sledding fun! With a family your size there has to be a lot of laughs and I think this fan and others would love to see more of Behind the Scenes with the Fannins!!

  4. Shayln says:

    I saw sum of ur videos on you tube and i really luved it!! i cant wait to see sum new videos!! u guyz r VERY talented. =)

  5. Abbi says:

    Hey,i’m abbi you you guys are amazing! i love how you are all one big family doing this. almost all of my cousins and my brother and sister and mom can sing…but me haha i wasnt lucky to get that. but you should go on americas got talent you would be AMAZING! hope so see more videos

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