Is This Really Happening?

A few days ago we saw our YouTube numbers start to rise a little bit – we knew a family video must have been posted somewhere, so a small search party was assembled and we scoured the internet. We were ecstatic to see that Shay Carl had twittered about us, which led to a huge jump of 200 subscribers over the next 20 hours. For us to have reached 500 subscribers was unreal.
As we talked about the excitement from his Twitter post and started to think about how we could celebrate our “500th subscriber”, our brother Jake called us and said, “Something is going on. I don’t know what’s happening but go log in to our account.”
We ran over to the computer to see 1,000… 1,050…. 1,100…. every single time we refreshed we saw a jump in numbers. Words cannot explain how confused, shocked, and excited we were….
At first we thought it was YouTube filtering from the night before and assumed it was all a crazy “Shaytard” catch up, but the comments kept flowing real time. “Shay sent me.” “Shaytards unite!” “Ha! Look at your subscribers!” “You are getting 25 every minute!” It was a mad search for WHAT WAS GOING ON!
An HOUR later…
Jake finally landed on the Shaytard blog and saw our link posted in his sidebar. That must have been it, right? It was crazy seeming that 25 people a minute are reading that link and subscribing, but ok! That’s our answer!
….and then we watched his video. (7 min. 56 sec.)

Some of us yelled (at the computer), some stood quietly with their jaws on the floor, and others denied it was happening. We cannot express how incredible the last 48 hours have been.
Thank you Shay Carl, we will WELCOME the chance to stand around you and sing any time.
Thank you to all the Shaytards!
And thank you Claire and Katie – we owe you everything – fans from the beginning.


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14 Responses to Is This Really Happening?

  1. eggnogs says:

    You guys are truly talented and i am really glad that you guys are getting subscribers support on you tube. I wish you guys all the best in future.

    I have to say that i found you guys through shay and I wish more and more people will get behind u guys and let your talent be revealed to masses. All the best.

  2. Julie Allain says:

    So grateful to Shay Carl for sending me in your direction, you are all so talented it and seem like such a lovely close family, keep up the good work :)

  3. Najam says:

    Shay Carl sent me as well and hope you guys continue doing the great videos you do! I hope the +25k new subs encourage you guys to do more videos. :)

  4. Daphne P. says:

    Wow guys! You are all amazing! I thank Shay for sending me to you guys because you all have talent! I wish I could sing like you guys! I too, am a singer. If only…. Oh well! A girl can only dream! 😀


  5. Anthony D says:

    what a story ! but it’s all true and well deserved guys!
    as i already wrote on youtube a few hours ago (by now, it must be lost in the gigantic mass of new comments) –Shay only told us about you ; only your talent and your music brought up these new 25 thousand subscribers.
    Awesome band & family -All the best from Belgium
    …can’t wait for the next new vid!

  6. Tam says:

    Yes i came from Shay however like Anthony said Shay only told us about you… it’s your wonderful voices that make people subscribe and keep coming back to post. I’ve now gone though and listened to all you have posted, read through your webpage and just want to say Keep singing. :)

  7. Melissa says:

    Even with shaycarl pointing us in your direction you wouldn’t have gotten this many subscribers if you weren’t good. Come perform in Nevada so I can come to a show. :)

  8. Rose says:

    Very talented. Made me smile. :)

  9. Randy says:

    Keep up the good work Fannin11 family you are an inspiration to many.

  10. Haley says:

    hey guys,
    I LOVE your voices and arrangements! I actually just watched the Shay video, a friend of mine posted your youtube link on my wall, and now I listen to Halo, Jesus Take the Wheel, and Hallelujah just about every day. Keep it up! <3

  11. Jane says:

    My love to Kate and Rob and al the Fannins. I love your music and I have fond memories of your family. Sincerely, Jane Birkett (formerely VanMoorleghem)

  12. Angela says:

    Wow!!!! You guys are amazing. I wish my family could sing like that. You really cheered up my freind because I showed her one of ur videos and now she never stops watching it and singing along. You guys are truely awesome

  13. Angela says:

    Wow!!!! You guys are amazing. I wish my family could sing like that. You really cheered up my freind because I showed her one of ur videos and now she never stops watching it and singing along. You guys are truely awesome!!!!
    You guys should sing don’t stop belivein

  14. rose17 says:

    hey i love you guys your awsome i randomly found shaycarl, he sent me your way and now im always checking for new songs love you guys keep it up

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