The Milwaukee Bucks!

We are going to be performing the National Anthem and singing at halftime of the Milwaukee Bucks’ home opener on Tues. Dec 27th! Please join us? Here is a flyer that you can use… just click the link and get your tickets at a great discount!


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  1. Jim King says:

    Greetings from Waupaca!
    I saw you and spoke to you briefly at the FVTC Christmas party on Tuesday (12/20) and I mentioned a song that I feel would suit you very nicely. Unfortunatley, I got th name and the artist wrong! Over 30 years as a professional announcer and I missed on both counts – how embarrassing! In any case the group is actually the Anita Kerr Singers who recorded this while they were under contract to a record company. They had to come up with a new name to release it – hence, the Little Dippers. The song is “Forever.” I’d love you hear you sing it some day. Bless you. – Jim from Waupaca.

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