No One (Alicia Keys Cover)


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4 Responses to No One (Alicia Keys Cover)

  1. Rita Berlin says:

    You are all beautiful and soooo talented ….. thank you for making my heart smile today !!~~~
    I see an amazing future for you guys and know I will be seeing much more of you in the future !~
    Rita Berlin and Family in NYC

  2. Eleanor (: says:

    that’s all I can say.

    you guys are so talented, I came across you by accident and now all I can say is I WANT MORE!!

    If only there was such talent closer to home, As I’m from the U.K.

    I hope you all have a long and happy life together (:

    your young friend, eleanor in England 😉

  3. SietZah says:

    i’ve watched this vid like 15 times and its still awesome
    i try’d the shuffle move for 3 hours but i revuse to give up 😛

    Youre dutch frend

  4. William says:

    Thought about joining a talent-show? You would’ve come VERY far, since everything ive heard from you is just… SUPERc00l! 😉

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