We’ve Started a New Channel!

There have been so many questions thrown at our family lately and we wanted to respond somehow. Because we don’t want to force anyone to watch endless vlogs if they only want to watch and hear our music, we started a new YouTube Channel! Introducing VlogginEleven! We aren’t quite sure what is going to happen on this channel, but we want to entertain you and have fun. Here’s to new beginnings, new channels, and new videos!


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2 Responses to We’ve Started a New Channel!

  1. David says:

    Hey, Everyone.
    Just wanted to let you know how great I think your music is. I’m currently a poor sophomore architecture student, and it’s always great when I can find some free music that I can actually listen to! I also come from a musical family, and it’s great to see a family actually working together and creating music. I hope you all keep singing together and having fun. Someday I hope my family is as close as you all seem! Again, you are all truly amazing at singing, and I really appreciate the music. If you ever need a building designed, let me know!
    David Fink

  2. Fannins says:

    Thanks for the kind words David… we appreciate it!

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